Aesthetics and visual appeal are just as important as functionality, seamless usability and unique gameplay. That is why we are constantly looking for innovative solutions that enrich the experience and add additional functionality to this exciting sport.

We offer everything you need for a great game of pool. Starting from cue accessories, ending with individually designed pool tables, which will also fulfill the function of a dining room table.

We are proud to inform you that we are the exclusive representatives of AS Bilijardai in Latvia, so we offer you the best and most unique billiard and game tables.

Billiard table Ultra (metalic P1 712) RedD interj-4

Tables from AS Biliardai

AS Bilijardai is a manufacturer of billiard tables. Billiards employees have a lot of experience (since 1988) – they make billiard (Pool, Snooker, Russian Pyramid, English Pool, Carom games) tables, tennis table tops and air hockey tables.

About 30 employees work in the 2900m2 industrial area and about 1000 original design pool tables are made every year. Billiards is located in the geographical center of Europe. By cooperating with business partners from Eastern and Western countries, they have adopted the best practices.

For billiards, the company has implemented the world's most widespread quality management system ISO 9001, which provides a comprehensive service, starting from the receipt of the order to the delivery of the billiard table. RECOGNITION

Billiards products have excellent ratings: first - second place "BCA Las Vegas 1999" (USA), prize at the "Lietuvas mēbeles 97" exhibition, etc. International competitions were held on these tables: Euro Tour "Brunswick Lithuanian Open" (Kaunias, September 2000) ; Second World Championship in Russian Pyramid (Vilnius, July 2001), 5th European Championship in Russian Pyramid (Kauna, 2006).

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