Billiard table Dijonas

Billiard table Dijonas

Exclusive series – EVEN MORE POSSIBILITIES! Not only reliability, but also big possibilities to create individual style, according Your needs.

Billiard table DIJONAS – is your exceptional chance to become architect of your own billiard table. Unlimited quantity of solutions: choose desirable cushion edgings and design of pockets, shape of additional thickness for frame and decor, then adjust desirable design of legs and choose colours for wood and cloth.

And everything you can do in your computer monitor. When you begin to choose, you will trust that you can create not only desirable table, but also desirable surrounding.
You can finish settling your interior with help of chandelier, rack for cues and balls, dinning top for table, which are projected in “Dijonas” style. Sportive table’s features recognized with ICP certificate and approved during the world championship.
Frame of construction is technically computed (approved with 10 years exploitation tries), tested rubber, polished natural slate – you will find in this table everything the best what is possible to find.

Table size Total size Playing area, cm Minimum area, cm
5′ 194×111,5cm 165×82,5cm 461×378,5cm
6′ 209x119cm 180x90cm 476x386cm
7′ 228×128,5cm 199×99,5cm 495×395,5cm
8′ 253x141cm 224x112cm 520x408cm
9′ 284x157cm 254x127cm 550x423cm
9′ 284x157cm 254x127cm 574x447cm
10′ 314x172cm 284x142cm 604x462cm
11′ 350x190cm 320x160cm 640x480cm
12′ 380x205cm 350x175cm 670x495cm
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