Billiard table Pronto Vision

Billiard table Pronto Vision

Billiard table series – extended possibilities for your room.

Pronto Vision – future vision, because it’s already done everything, what we can imagine the best about billiard/dining/working table: Pronto Vision – A dual-purpose pool/dining or pool/work table-in-one executed to perfection! Pronto tables are durable and strong because of their combined wood and metal interior structure. Yet they are elegant and warm because of their natural wood exterior. Pronto tables      meet all your dining and work needs, as well as your leisure needs. Place the glass or wood table top on top of your table and dine or work on a gorgeous table of standard height suitable to pair with most conventional chairs. Remove the table top and use a state-of-the-art lifting mechanism to adjust your table to a regulation pool table height. This exceptional pool table has an excellent ball rebound because the rails, ‘Professional Billiard Slate’, and the frame are all integrated into each other. Choose between traditional elastic ball pockets or a unique collection system built into the table’s interior. Most importantly, enjoy! Finishing colour for your table you can choose from wood finishing assortment. Also you can choose desired colour for cloth. The best way to create design for your table is using our special design program CUSTOM MADE. (links uz konstruktoru sadaļu)

Table size Total size, cm Playing area, cm Minimum area, cm
6′ 209x119cm 180x90cm 476x386cm
7′ 228×128,5cm 199×99,5cm 495×395,5cm
8′ 253x141cm 224x112cm 520x408cm
2/8′ 253×75.6 cm 224×47 cm 470×290 cm
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